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About the Book

Move with Nature encourages children to exercise using easy-to-mimic movements seen in nature. Explore a dynamic full-body movement routine curated by author and physiotherapist Amanda Morin. Each page features stimulating and inclusive illustrations by Hannah Bursey. The diverse imagery simplifies movements, and normalizes exercise for children of all ages and abilities... all while having fun!

The concept of using nature to inspire movement came from my experience volunteering at the Botshabelo Community Development Trust in South Africa. Here I worked with many children with various neurological conditions to help improve their functional independence. With little access to resources I was forced to think outside of the box and use nature around her to encourage and inspire movement. It was upon reflection from this experience that the concept for Move with Nature was born.


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illustration of young boy with hearing aid turning head side to side
Illustration of girl in wheelchair painting a rainbow in the sky
Illustrationof elephant on hind legs
illustration of spide in a tomato plant
illustration of young boy standing on one leg like a flamingo
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